The spanish dream – Diego Vena & Nicko Morales

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Nicko Morales, who made his debut with us last week, is back to show us just how he puts all that sexy "Guatamalan-ness" to work as he puts fan-favorite Diego Vena to the test. For those of you who missed his steamy solo, Nicko is 31, originally from Guatemala and now calls the Big Apple home. Diego is 34 and he’s originally from South Bend, IN. We asked these two hotties if they could go anywhere in the world for a week long vacation where that would be. It’s a toss up for Diego who is between either going to Brazil or to Barcelona. Nicko actually has family back in Brazil so that’s where he would want to go. We wondered if either of these boys were members of the mile high club. Diego hasn’t found the right flight attendant yet and Nicko hasn’t had the chance to try to have sex in those tiny lavatories either. We asked Nicko how he felt about actually doing porn to what he might’ve imagined it to be before doing it. Nicko grins as he says that the guys are definitely hotter in person than in porn. When we asked them what their best orgasm to date was, Nicko, ever so suave, says his most memorable orgasm ever was "this" very shoot as he bites his lower lip (…for effect) and gives Diego puppy dawg eyes.  Diego, always the gentleman, blushes as he cordially agrees…

Lip locked and all over each other is how we start as Diego and Nicko get better acquainted. Diego pulls off Nicko’s tee to get at his furry chest as they continue to kiss passionately. Diego runs his tongue down that hairy chest working Nicko’s nips as he licks and bites them. They can’t get enough of each other as their shirts come off and their pants get unbuttoned. Diego stands as Nicko lands on the floor taking Diego’s pants with him. He gropes Diego’s growing cock and ass as he lowers his sexy briefs. Diego’s smooth ass comes into view and Nicko can’t help but want a taste. He bends Diego over and dives right in tongue first as he eats that hot ass. Nicko shoves his face up in there darting his tongue deep into that hungry hole making Diego squirm. Nicko then stands up to free his own cock that is straining for release. Diego quickly kneels before him as he gets that cock out and gets to work on it. He shoves that cock all the way down his throat as he savors every uncut inch.

Nicko then gets on the couch suits up and sits back as Diego sits on that dick in a reverse cowgirl position. His ass slowly gives way as he slides down that pole and starts to ride. Once he gets used to that dick he bounces on that meat like he’s on a pogo stick. Nicko grunts and groans as he gets his cock ridden hard. These boys came to play as they go at each other with wild abandon. Nicko then moves forward so that Diego goes on all four as he stays inside his ass pounding it hard doggy style. He rams his cock into that insatiable ass as Diego just grunts and moans begging for more. "Te gusta!" he grunts as he fucks Diego even harder. Diego’s hot ass is bouncing off of Nicko’s cock as he gets that ass railed. They then move the party south as Diego and Nicko lay on the floor with Nicko holding Diego’s leg up as he slides inside for more. His balls slap away at that hot ass as they make out hot and heavy. Diego can’t help but jack off as Nicko starts to hit that sweet spot getting him closer to climax. Nicko senses that and fucks him even harder sending him over the edge. "I’m gonna cum" Diego moans seconds before exploding all over himself. Nicko then pulls out and shoots all over his own furry trail.

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Youg virgin Christopher Evans exercises

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This week we have a new comer making his very first appearance here on CircleJerkBoys. Christopher Evans is 21 years old and originally from upstate New York. Christopher is in college now and he is thankful to the GI Bill that is helping him out with that. He has fond memories serving in the military for a few years. When it comes to the ladies, Christopher is single and has a weakness for Asian girls. The complete package they bring seems to fit what he’s looking for. On his free time he likes to go to the clubs or chill at home with his roommate and watch movies or play video games. Christopher lost his cherry at 17 with a fellow virgin and says that it was a really good experience. Apparently he lasted longer than 30 seconds. As for Asian girls he doesn’t know exactly why they do it for him but from experience he’s realized Latin girls are the wildest. He seems innocent enough but don’t be fooled. This Don Juan has been known to have his girlfriend go out to find another girl to have 3 ways with. It’s always the stillest of waters that run the deepest. On that note why are we still talking?

We haven’t even started rolling and Christopher already has his hands in his pants. He decides to get a bit of inspiration as he slips in a DVD. He goes back to the couch and kicks off his shoes getting more comfortable. His shirts next as he becomes transfixed with the pussy on screen. He jacks his dick inside his pants for a bit as he plays with his cinnamon nips. He talks to the screen telling that hot piece of ass just what he intends to do to her and how she needs to suck his cock. Christopher gets caught up in the moment as he stands to lose his jeans and boxers. He keeps beating off inside his boxers as he gets his dick harder and hornier for release. Eventually he stops teasing us and drops those boxers onto the floor below. He’s rock hard as he stares at the fucking on screen and lubes up his own dick to jack it in sync with the action he’s watching.


The camera heads south and gives a shot panning up to get a better appreciation for his lean 6′ frame and smooth definition. He then pulls up his work out bench and sits back to finish the job on the incline. His balls bounce in tune to his jerking fist that is giving his rigid cock the attention it needs. He’s naturally smooth-chested, has hairy legs and a hairy hole that peaks out as he spreads his legs to beat off. Christopher’s cock is rock hard as he continues to talk dirty to the siren on screen. We say siren you say porn whore. What’s the difference? Christopher’s muscles are writhing just beneath his skin as he gets closer to climax. He puts one arm behind his head as he nears the home stretch. He’s moaning and sighing as he jacks that cock off faster. All this stimulation has Christopher’s cock begging for release and it won’t be long before he gives in. He grunts as his balls pull up around the base of his cock and send him over the edge. He blasts his thick load all over his happy trail with the rest of it coating his cock and navel. Now that’s not a bad way to spend a lazy afternoon…

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The gays’ fun story – David Chase and Chris Stevens

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David Chase is here to help us kick off 2012 right. David also brought along a familiar face to help do just that, Chris Stevens. David is now 31 and originally from Jacksonville, FL. "Born in Jacksonville grew up in Jacksonville ain’t ever gonna get outta that place" David groans with a grin. Chris is 42 and originally from West Virginia but grew up in Ohio. It being the New Year and the spirit of giving abounds, we wondered what charity they firmly believe in all year round. For Chris it would be the ASPCA. He has two young girls and anything that keeps pets safe he’s all for. David who has a few rug rats of his own is for any charity that protects children and their innocence. They are both looking great these days but we wondered what their weakness is when it came time to cheatin’ on their diets. It’s Breyers ice cream for David. He loves their plain chocolate and can eat it all day long. Chris’ weakness is Reese’s Peanut butter cups with anything Ben & Jerry’s coming in a close second. Hmmm. Well today, hold the ice cream because these two will have all the temptation they need right here. Sorry Elsie Borden, No cream needed today. Soon we’ll be swimming in plenty of our own.

David comes home looking for his wife but finds Chris instead baby sitting his kids until she gets off of work. They start catching up on stuff when David starts to bitch about how his wife won’t put out anymore. He starts grabbing his cock through his shorts which is all the invitation Chris needs. He gets on his knees and gets to work as he pulls off David’s tee and runs his tongue all the way from David’s mouth down to his growing cock. Brother in law of the year goes to Chris who is more than happy to perform her spousal duties as he devours David’s cock. David groans as he watches Chris eagerly nurse on his meat. "She better not know about this" Chris grins as he slaps David’s thick cock on his tongue. David then stands Chris up and gives him plenty of leverage as he gets Chris’ cock in his face and down his throat. David is hungrier than expected as he goes nuts on that hard dick. Family that stays together… David then bends Chris over on the couch and gets to work eating that ass. Chris arches his back wanting to give David all access as David shoves his face deep into that ass sending his tongue deep inside.

David Chase  Chris Stevens mature gay cock sucking

Chris then straddles that dick and sits on it in a reverse cowgirl. He wastes little time before he starts to ride it like a seasoned jockey. His dick is rock hard as he fucks himself with David’s. At the rate these two are going at it, Chris needs to baby sit more often. David bounces Chris’ hot ass on his dick harder as Chris welcomes every thrust. Chris then twirls around and rides that dick looking at David. He watches the look on David’s face as he continues to get that ass stretched open. David then changes up the pace and they lay back on the couch. David lies behind Chris and slides that meat back inside. He starts to fuck him slowly giving that ass of his a much needed break…but that doesn’t last long. He’s back to slamming that dick deep inside as he gets hornier and harder. Next he gets Chris on his back, flips his legs up over his head and pile drives his dick deep into that hole. He does squats into that ass as he jacks Chris’s dick off. He fucks him deep and ! jacks that cock in time making him cum as he aims it at Chris’ own mouth. David then pulls out and kneels over Chris’ face and adds even more cream all over Chris’ mouth and cum-covered face. Cream, it does a body good.

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Beautiful gay sex – Van Wilder and Connor Maguire

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This week we’ve asked a good friend we haven’t seen in a while to help us welcome a new, and rather hung, stud to the ExtraBigDicks’s fold. We knew Connor Maguire would help us out as soon as he took one look at his costar, newcomer Van Wilder. Van is new to the industry and at 19 years of age, this Miami boy has a promising future packing that big ol’ dick. For those of you unfamiliar with Connor, he’s a California boy and now legal at 21 years of age. We asked Van when he realized he had a bigger than average dick. Apparently his Mom broke the news when she walked in on him showering and was shocked to find him packing since his Dad apparently didn’t. Van was freaked out at first but when all the girls he was with told him the same thing he knew he had something special. Connor, no stranger to our site, also has a big dick. We asked if after having bottomed on cam if that made a difference on how he tops. "Yeah, I go slower now’ Connor admits ‘now I kinda feed it in versus just slamming it in." Yeah, it often helps to know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of that big dick to make you a more considerate top. Well, let’s hope Van’s bottomed…

Van and Connor are hanging out before their shoot when Van asks Connor what the hat he’s got about. It’s. Van is confused thinking he’s shooting for ExtraBigDicks when Connor checks him and says "Well to shoot for EBD you need to have an Extra Big Dick." Van grins and informs Connor he’s in luck because he just happens to have a really big dick. He gets up and undoes his pants so that Connor can find out for himself. Connor does and soon the only thing open wider than his eyes with awe is that mouth of his trying to wrap it around Van’s huge cock. Van just watches as Connor sucks that dick on his knees. He can’t get enough as he grabs that thick cock by the shaft and takes as much of it as he can into his mouth. Van lets Connor have his fill before wanting some cock himself. He gets Connor on the couch as he kneels between his legs and starts to work Connor’s thick dick. Van runs his tongue around Connor’s knob before sli! ding it down his throat. Connor moans his appreciation as he watches the bi boy work his hard cock but soon has another mouthful of Van’s meat as Van straddles his chest and goes back to fucking his face.

Soon that hot face isn’t enough as Connor gets bent over and railed. He moans and groans as Van shoves his dick inside. It looks like someone’s had more experience being on "top" of things. Van’s fat dick slides into Connor’s tight hole over and over as Connor does his best to accommodate its girth. Van loves that sweet ass on his dick and he continues to pound that ass deep feeling his balls slap at Connor’s ass. Van then switches it up as he sits back and has Connor ride his huge cock. Connor impales himself on that dick again as he starts to bounce up and down on it. He has more control of how much dick he takes but that extra big dick Van’s got is stretching him wide open. Not one to back down from a challenge, Connor powers through it as he rides that dick determined to make Van blow his hot nut. Connor’s own cock is hard as he rides that meat. Missionary is next as can gets Connor on his back. He fucks him deep like he does his girlfriend and Connor can’t help but jack. his throbbing boner. Van’s fat dick slams into Connor’s sweet spot sending his load flying all over himself as he drenches his navel with cum. Van then pulls out and unloads his thick load all over Connor’s cum-covered cock. …whew.

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Alexander Garrett and Mike Rivers men over 30 sex

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Sexy Gays Alexander Garrett and Mike Rivers

Bells are ringing this week as we help celebrate a special occasion. Alexander Garrett, a MenOver30 favorite and Mike Rivers, his real life boyfriend, are here this week sharing their 7 month anniversary. That’s like 2 reincarnations with the same mate in heterosexual terms. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, Mike Rivers is 27 and originally from Jersey. Alexander is 36, a Colombian import and looking even hotter than ever with that scruff on. These two crazies met through their mutual agent who put them to work a booth together at the Erotica Convention in Orlando. Little did they know that sparks would be flying. Their first official date was back down in South Florida having a romantic night on Las Olas Boulevard, a strip of restaurants, cafes and high end boutiques located in the heart of Ft. Lauderdale. When it comes to having your significant other working in the industry we wondered if jealousy was ever a problem. Mike answered "Yes" immediately admitting that sometimes it has come up. Alexander grins and chimes in with "…sometimes".  Depending on who the other is paired up with has at times caused friction but with the proper communication everything works out.

New gay sex gallery - Alexander Garrett and Mike Rivers
Mike is kicking back with sore feet as Alexander begins to give him a foot massage. Mike is getting turned on as Alexander decides those toes are too delicious to pass up. He starts to lick and suck on them making Mike’s cock stir. Alexander kisses his way up to his boyfriend’s face as they start to make out. Mike pulls Alexander’s tee off and goes to work on his chiseled frame. He licks his nips and pits as he gropes that cock he wants. He lowers Alexander’s shorts as he sets that uncut Colombian cock free. Alexander moans as Mike wraps his mouth around it. Alexander slowly starts to fuck that face as he holds Mike by a fistful of hair. Mike gets on his back as he nurses on that meat from below unable to get enough. Mike’s cock is now rock hard and Alexander knows just what it needs. He leans forward and starts sucking on Mike’s dick landing them in a steamy 69. They each have as much cock as they want as they suck and savor to their heart’s content. Alexander then flips Mike up and over so that he can get at that ass he will soon fuck. He shoves his tongue inside and along with a few fingers gets Mike hungry for more.

Alexander Garrett and  Mike Rivers - dildo in gay cute ass
He teases his beau’s ass as he gets a fat dildo, lubes it up and shoves it in. His tight ass gives way as that dildo disappears inside. Mike loves that toy stretching his ass open and knows it will soon be replaced by the real thing. After teasing that ass a bit, Alexander gets that ass primed and in need. He then suits up and gets behind that ass and replaces that big toy with his real one. "Gimme the real thing" Mike coos begging for that dick. Alexander fucks him doggy style as Mike eggs him on. "Ugh, This is the best anniversary gift ever" he groans as he begs Alexander to give it to him. Alexander fucks that ass deep, pulling out almost entirely before slamming it back in for more. He then gets Mike on the floor and hoists his legs up over his own head so he can pile drive that dick in for more. Alexander pistons his thick dick in and out of that hot ass as Mike just watches him fuck and strokes his own dick. Alexander picks up the pace and soon he gets that familiar ti! ngle in his smooth balls. He pulls out and unloads all over Mike’s face and neck. Mike cums seconds later as Alexander is still bathing his neck and face with his massive creamy load. Mike may have thought that that fuck was the best anniversary present ever, but that was way before he got his very own pearl necklace.

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Troy Halston and Micah Andrews: young and power

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gayMicah Andrews Troy Halston oldman young gay 
This week Troy Halston is helping us welcome a new member to the MenOver30  Club, Mr. Micah Andrews. Micah is 23 and originally from Denver, CO. Troy knows a little about Denver himself, since that is his home town. With all the occupy movements going on and so many people unhappy with the ways things are being run, we asked these studs what upsets them these days. Troy is upset that everything is moving toward world domination and the truth behind all of these protests is so real. Micah gets angry with liars and stealers. We then switched it around and asked them what makes them happy. For Micah, he likes to fight competitively so he loves to train. Troy likes even the simplest things in life like a smile from one of his daughters. We then brought the focus back to the hot and present asking them what they feel their one sexual act they are best at. Micah thinks he is a pretty amazing bottom so he’d go with that. Troy tries to be good at all of it so he would answer with that. Humility is in the air this week. Well lets let these two get at it and let them figure out who’s good at what

Hot gay sex Troy Halston  Micah Andrews - men over 30 fucks young gay 
Micah shows up at Troy’s soaking wet and gets the third degree from his boss. Troy in incensed about how irresponsible he could be going out in the rain like that. Micah tells him to stop acting like his dad already and that sets Troy off. He grabs Micah and pulls his shirt off telling him he knows he’s always looking at his cock in the office and maybe it was about time he gets a closer look. He shoves Micah’s face into his crotch before undoing his jeans and giving him a taste of the real thing. Micah doesn’t struggle as he gets his face fucked. Micah’s mouth is soon stuffed full of cock as he sucks it deep. Troy then drops to his knees to see if Micah has anything to offer. He takes out Micah’s cock and starts to return the favor. He laps and sucks on Micah’s smooth balls before shoving his dick so deep he makes himself gag on it. Micah then bends over as Troy starts to play with his hot ass fingering it as he gets Micah even hornier. Once Troy’s done playing with that hot ass he sits back and gets Micah’s mouth back on his dick. He fucks Micah’s mouth as he bobs his head up and down on his cock. Micah’s tongue then moves south as he starts to eat Troy’s ass. Troy’s cock gets rock hard and that mouth just isn’t enough…

old gay fucks young guy Troy Halston and  Micah Andrews
Troy gets Micah on his knees and pushes him down until his ass is up and begging for it. He aims his cock south and slides inside. Micah moans as Troy takes that ass deep. He pile drives deep as Micah struggles to accommodate Troy’s hard cock. Troy pounds that ass and gets tired of looking at the back of Micah’s head so he turns him over on his back. He flips Micah’s legs up and goes right back to pile driving his dick. He can now watch Micah’s face as he begs him for more dick. Micah was right about having a hot ass that could more than take a pounding. Troy then gets up and sits on the chair and watches as Micah lowers himself back onto that meat. He sits on Troy in a reverse cowgirl and takes that dick to the hilt. He rides that meat like a seasoned jockey driving Troy wild. Troy isn’t one to just sit back so he too starts to slam his hard cock up into Micah’s hungry ass. That does the trick as Micah’s cock explodes. He busts his thick load all over his smooth chest and nave. Troy then stands and jacks his cock off all over Micah’s face coating it with his thick seed.

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Bronson Gates and Reed Royce – “Cum in my mouth horny”

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Bronson Gates  Reed Royce. hot gay men sex

Bronson Gates is making his debut with us this week and we couldn’t be happier to have finally landed this west coast hunk. Bronson is ‘slightly’ over 30 these days and originally from Los Angeles. Here today to show Bronson how the hot boys in the south do it is Reed Royce. Reed is 24 years old and from the very "Heart of Dixie", historic Alabama. We asked these studs if they won $1K in a lottery what they would do with their winnings. Bronson would get a membership to Then spend the rest on a ticket to Hawaii. Reed would go out and party with his Mom. We then got a bit more personal and asked what part of a man’s body they most like to put their tongues on. Bronson loves to use his tongue on a hot ass. Reed’s more of a chiseled chest man. I sense a bit of foreshadowing. We then flipped it around and asked where they most want a man to put his tongue on them. "In my mouth", eagerly replies Bronson; only to be out done by "In my ass!" by Reed who is now grinning ear to ear. These two are going to get along just swell.

Bronson Gates and Reed Royce.mature gay fucks junior gay
Reed finds beefy Bronson’s jock and picks it up to get a closer look. He sniffs it and starts tugging on his crotch thinking about the hairy daddy it belongs to. Bronson comes out of the shower and finds Reed on his knees with a face full of jock strap. He startles Reed as he pulls the jock away and goes in for a kiss. Bronson drops his towel as Reed starts to play with the cock growing in his camouflage briefs. The underwear is short lived as Reed pulls them off to suck on Bronson’s cock. Bronson moans as his cock gets the attention it needs. Reed gets more than a mouthful as Bronson stuffs his underwear into Reed’s mouth teasing him a bit before sliding his cock back in it. Reed teases that dick and gets Bronson rock hard. Bronson then pulls Reed to his feet where they make out a bit before Bronson goes south to return the favor. Reed is naturally smooth and keeps everything hair free. Bronson gets to work on Reed’s smooth balls and hard cock as he savors every inch of Reed’s throbbing meat. He then turns Reed around and uses that hot tongue to get that hot ass wet. He slides his skilled tongue deep into Reed’s hungry hole making him squirm with anticipation.

Bronson Gates- Reed Royce man over 40 has sex with 24 years old guy
Once that ass is prepped and begging for it, Bronson suits up and slides his cock inside. His cock sinks all the way inside as Reed braces for a hot fucking. Bronson holds on to that tight waist as he starts to pound away. He grunts and groans, slapping that ass as he fucks Reed’s hot ass. Reed is taking that dick doggy style and loving it. Reed arches his back making that ass easier to stuff as Bronson plows on. Bronson then gets Reed on his back spreads those smooth thighs wide and slides his thick dick back inside. Reed plays with Bronson’s hairy chest as he watches him take his hole. Bronson holds Reed’s ankles like handle bars as he slams in and out of that hot ass. Bronson then moves the party south as he lies on the floor. Reed straddles his cock and lowers himself on it. He impales himself on that dick and starts to ride it. He bounces on Bronson’s cock like a pogo star as Bronson enjoys the view. Bronson’s thick cock is hitting Reed in all the right spots as it sends him over the edge. He explodes, sending his load all over Bronson’s hairy chest and abs. Bronson cums next jacking his aching cock all over his hairy cock and cum-covered abs.

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“Fuck my cute cock with your hot asshole!"

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Gau Sex Troy Halston - Sean Banks 
Halloween is here and, all tricks aside, we have a new treat on MenOver30 that goes by the name of Sean Banks. Sean is 23, a Florida native and a first timer from Gator Country. Well Gainesville is in the house and in good hands as veteran Troy Halston does the honors and shows Sean the ropes. In keeping with current affairs, we asked these studs if they had the ability to address both Houses of Congress to fix one thing, what it would be. On Sean’s list, being that he is a student, it would be to get the financial aid mess situated. Allocating funds to ensure that college kids get a better education is important. Troy would ask that they stop fooling the people and just work together towards a common good. It seems it’s politicians and the people they serve aren’t always on the same side. To lighten the mood we asked them what their favorite cities were. Sean loves Cannes, Australia. Equidistant to the equator as places like San Francisco, Cannes boasts pleasant weather year round. Troy was born in West Virginia but grew up in Colorado so that’s where he would most want to be when away from our sunny beaches. Well none of these studs are going anywhere until we get a few things taken care of…

men over 30 porn Troy Halston  Sean Banks hot fucking asshole drilling
Two party goers meet and end up going home together. Troy and Sean come in and sit down to get better acquainted. Now that they can hear each other away from the loud party, Troy tells Sean he sounds familiar. He takes off his mask and as he removes his buddy’s he realizes it’s his nephew, Sean. "My brother’s gonna be pissed’, he scoffs ‘…Oh well" He goes in for a kiss as they make out. Sean is soon on his knees as he takes Troy’s hard cock in his mouth. "Swallow that cock" Troy groans as Sean shows him what he can do. Sean deep throats that dick with ease fucking his throat with it as he gets it nice and wet. Troy is impressed at Sean’s skills as he fucks his face and revels in the sensation. Troy isn’t done checking out all the perks his nephew has to offer so he pulls his cock out and bends over so that he can get his ass rimmed. Sean obliges as he spreads Troy’s ass and shoves his tongue inside. Troy moans as Sean starts to tongue fuck that ass making him squirm. They can’t get enough of each other as Troy pulls him to his feet to get at his hard young meat. Troy feverishly returns the favor as Sean’s thick cock disappears into his mouth. Sean is in awe as his Uncle shows him how it’s done.

Troy Halston and Sean Banks - oldman cock fucks guy asshole missionary
Troy takes his time sucking Sean’s cock getting between his legs to better service that dick. Once he’s ready for more he gets up on his knees, holds Sean’s legs up and shoves his dick inside. Sean’s moaning with pleasure as he gets that smooth hole stretched wide open. Troy fucks that sweet ass pounding it deep as Sean just moans for more. Troy means business as he impales Sean over and over onto his meat. Troy then gets up and sits back so that Sean can sit on his dick. Sean straddles that meat and slowly sits back on it. Troy rams his dick up into Sean pulling him down onto his dick before they start to go at it again. "Fuck my cock with your asshole!" Troy orders as Sean does his best to grind his hot ass onto Troy rock hard cock. Troy’s shoving that dick in and out of that ass with ease as that tight as milks his meat. Troy then gets Sean on his back again so he can bring the fun home missionary style. He holds Sean’s legs up and rams inside. He fucks that hot hole faster and deeper obviously on a mission. Sean doesn’t mind at all as he jacks his throbbing cock faster as well. Sean can’t hold back any more as Troy fucks the cum out of him. He explodes all over his chest with Troy seconds behind him. Troy pulls out and unloads his batch all over Sean’s chest and abs as well.

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